Low and Slow

Bleach is no longer a dirty word


For years we avoided using the word 'bleach' in the salon and chose to use words such a 'pre-lightener' to make it seem less scary for the salon guest. There has been a change in the industry, helped along by social media, to tell it like it is. Salon guests are in the know about colouring techniques and products more than they have ever been before. In fact, quite often it is the salon guests who come to the salon asking for the latest techniques and products they have seen on Instagram.

So, let me tell you about bleach and how we use it to get the lightest results but make sure your hair is protected at the same time.

To ensure we get the best Bleach-Up results and to maintain the condition and integrity of your bleached highlights we use the 'Low And Slow' method to develop your bleach.

Low.. This means that we use the lowest strength peroxide possible, we may even go as low as the peroxide strength we use to activate your semi-permanent colours!

Slow.. We then develop your bleach slowly, it may take an hour (or more) to lift with such a low strength peroxide but believe me it is worth the wait!

Bleach is activated by peroxide but the peroxide does not determine the level of lift you will get, all it does is determine the amount of time it takes to lift the colour to the desired depth.

This is how we explain peroxide strength and development time...

12%, the highest strength peroxide, is a car traveling at 90 MPH around Penzance town, it will finish the circuit really fast but it will cause a lot of damage on the way round! Imagine this fast acting peroxide and what it will do to your hair, this is why we NEVER use bleach and 12%!

9% is a car traveling at 60 MPH, again, gets round pretty fast but has caused a fair bit of damage.

6%, we use this to develop your permanent colours, is a car traveling at 40 MPH, it gets round Penzance in less time and probably hasn't caused any major damage but there is still the risk as it is a little bit faster than they would like on your driving test 😊

4%, we use this to develop your quasi-permanent colours, is a car traveling at 25 MPH, it takes longer to get round the town but hasn't caused any damage at all!!

2%, we use this to develop your toners, is traveling at 10 MPH and takes ages to get round Penzance but hasn't a scratch on it and has probably annoyed a few motorists along the way 😂

Bleach-up after a few weeks, we love the look of a grown out Bleach-up, it gives the hair great texture.

Bleach-up after a few weeks, we love the look of a grown out Bleach-up, it gives the hair great texture.

🎓So the lesson is, take your time, book out all of the afternoon for your appointment, enjoy our coffee and magazines, lie back and allow the massage chair to soothe you, allow us to look after you and if you need anything such as food or your car park extended we will happily pop out for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.