Recent Photo Shoot for Ula Clothing St.Ives

I had the pleasure of working with my favourite photographer Emma Griffin again, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful women. If you are looking for independent creative females Cornwall is the place to look!

Emma doing what she does best

Emma doing what she does best

We started at 10.30am in the salon, our models for the day were the lovely Tilly who travelled from Falmouth and Sarah who travelled from Newquay, the sun put on a show for us and made the Spring Summer shoot easy, the images look like we were abroad!

Emma brought a lovely selection of the new range from Ula, the Palm print shirt was a massive hit with everyone in the salon! One guest asked us if we were starting a shop! Everyone watched from the windows as we climbed into the hedges to shoot in front of a Palm Tree! The things you do for a great shot!

As you all know I just adore curls and love to help women fall in love with their curls again! Sarah arrived and I could instantly see that I could create a beautiful natural curl for one of her looks. She wasn’t convinced. Sarah was sure it would all turn to frizz, they don’t call me The Cornish Curl Whisperer for nothing! (actually no one calls me this, apart from me..haha)


For Sarah’s second look I gave her the hair she loves, I wanted her to go home with bouncy clean hair that smelled amazing and made her feel fabulous. I did a really soft wave, the secret ingredient to these soft waves is Kevin.Murphy’s Killer Waves £31, it protects you hair and holds your waves in place.


Director Josh did Tilly’s first look, he wanted to gove her a look that looked like she did it herself, the clothes are so simple and summery that an over done look wouldn’t work at all.


For Tilly’s second look I gave her a 40’s style wave using the DNA Wave technique, check out this magical technique here , GHD reposted this video on Instagram and to date it has had 80.5k views, how incredible is that?!


And here are the final edits for Ula’s Spring/Summer Look Book 2019. Check out Ula’s other looks here.

Tilly looking like she is about to get on her yacht in the South of France.

Tilly looking like she is about to get on her yacht in the South of France.


If you would like to book any of our team to do the hair for your Look Book, we can arrange that for you, just contact us through our email or on Facebook Messenger.